Invest in Tellext

Tellext is a Vancouver-based tech company specializing in developing advanced Ai-powered solutions that empower humans to do more with less. It is the creator of Guardamate, poised to disrupt the $102 billion global security industry by its robotic touch. Guardamate brings peace of mind to the premise owners and takes security to the next level with its enhanced field supervision, data-driven operations and reduced security costs.

But Tellext does not stop there! Inspired by Tellext’s commitment to innovation, our team of engineers push the envelope every day and develop new patentable technologies. With the global robotics market set to grow from $25 billion this year to between $160 and $260 billion by 2030, we are actively creating new customer-driven solutions to disrupt markets across the globe.

Even this early on its path to success, Tellext is showing promising signs of success and profitability. In the last year, we have gained significant traction and received interest from numerous granting and funding organizations who see Guardamate’s potential to advance Canada’s global advantage in innovation.

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